2 Proven Buying Triggers That Convert Visitors Into Customers

2 Proven Buying Triggers That Convert Visitors Into Customers

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Angie Perez B reveals 2 foolproof techniques you can apply on your website, on your posts, on your eCommerce, etc. that make your visitors to buy immediately; and one of the techniques is the secret weapon to instant conversion!

Consumers have so many options out there of other products / services / blogs like yours, so it is essential that you stand out from the crowd and give them a reason to choose YOU!

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2 proven buying triggers that convert


Hello and welcome to Social Media Money Up. This is Episode 3.  In this episode we’ will talk about 2 techniques that make your readers to buy immediately! In case we haven’t met before, my name is Angie Perez B, I’m a Social Media Marketing expert and you can find me on Twitter at @Angi9z and on Instagram at @AngiePerez.B.  If you are new to this podcast, please consider subscribing. I record weekly podcast about the best techniques to grow your business or your blog and making money using social media and digital marketing. Ok, So you have your products, you have your services, you have your blog , you have your business, right? So when you are online, or on social media or on your eCommerce or wherever,  you need to write down texts. Texts to talk about or describe your products your services or whatever you are selling. We are going to call whatever it is that you sell or that you offer, we are going to call it here PRODUCT,  just to simplify, ok? It might be your service it might be something like getting people to read your blog, or whatever, we are going to call it product for making it simple to understand, okay? So as I was saying you normally need to describe your products; so when you create your text for describing your products on social media on your website on your blog on your ecommerce on your ads, what you want you are trying to do is to sell that product.  You are trying to create an attractive description, appealing description of your product, so you try to make that text appealing and convincing, detailing all the advantages, describing how your product is and what it does… Well you need to Know about a technique called extra value proposition. But think about it, if you are selling shoes (for example) there are hundreds or even thousands of different brands of shoes out there, so you are in an ocean of offer, there are thousands of offers for your customer out there, there are thousands of possibilities for your customer to buy somewhere else.  So here is where you need to design or create what it’s called extra value proposition. What is an extra value proposition? The extra value proposition gives your reader a powerful reason to buy from you, a competitive advantage of your product over other products in the market. The extra value proposition gives the customer a benefit bigger than the cost of getting your product. The cost is not only the price of your product; the cost also includes if they need to do something extra like taking the car and going to your store, or filling up a form, or picking up the phone to place an order, etc.  In case you are a blogger instead of price to pay, change it for email address, if you trying to get subscribers for your blog. The readers will perceive that the extra value proposition you are giving to them is bigger than the fact of providing you with their email. So how do you create an extra value proposition for your product? First you need to identify how your product solves a problem of your customers then you need to identify the benefits that your customer will get with your products and finally you need to explain how your product is better than any other product in the market. Those are the elements of your extra value proposition and now you need to articulate that value proposition,  that must be clear and easy to understand in just seconds. And now the secret weapon! The magical key that makes conversions like crazy! It’s something that triggers automatic conversions,  and it is called Incentive Taking Action. Incentive Taking Action. What is that? Well it means that your customer is receiving an instant benefits If they convert immediately I give you some examples and you will understand: examples of this get discounts on any every additional item added to your cart. Another example buy 2 or more and get a free gift. Another example sign up to get a free ebook.  You can use this techniques to motivate your reader to take any sort of action like buy a product or hire your services or complete a survey or subscribe to your blog.  What kind of incentive can you create? Well there are different kind of incentives and you can create your own, but the most popular are price discounts, coupons free samples free bonus items free upgrades gifts etc So go ahead and try this techniques every time you need to create any sort of text for your products or services and let me know how it goes! If you’re new here, please consider subscribing. I will be releasing weekly podcasts just like the one you just listened to, covering everything from the latest trends on social media, tools strategies and the best practices to help you grow your business or your brand and making money. I would like to invite you to my Facebook community called “Social Media Money Up Group”, where you can interact, learn, share your stuff and network with other like-minded people!

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