Helpful Brand Collaboration Pitch DMs / Influencer Outreach Templates

Some practical examples of how to address brands found on Instagram to offer your services collaboration. You can use both in email or DM versions.

Collaboration DM Examples

Hello dear, I’m instagram influencer at @xxxxx. Saw you page and you have great products. If you interested for promotion contact me.
Have a nice day.

Hi! I am based in the UK and work as a content creator on Instagram! I love your pieces so much, they are amazing! I would love to be sent some to promote on my social media!❤ my Instagram is xxxx Hope to hear from you! -Mary

hey i love your brand and would love to review you’re products on my insta page as well as maybe on my youtube. Please let me know what you think.😍 IMPORTANT! ( i will be doing a review on my business account @xxx if u chose to send anything!) instagram : xxx youtube : xxx (for instagram i will do in depth detail video on unboxing the products & trying them out, as well as posting a quick video or picture on my story, and save it in my highlights.) (for youtube i will do a video as well out the products & unboxing) please let me know what you think.💕

Hello, 🦋 I was wondering if you’d send us a product or box set to do an unboxing post on in return for a permanent post on our page? We’d add your advertisement to the end of our posts. (However many you want) or even make you your own custom post if that works best for you💕 We also do paid promotions if you’d be more interested in that! We think our followers would love your brand:)

Hi i’m Mary and i’m a makeup artist and beauty influencer on instagram! i see your product and i want to use them in my post and video! what do you think about a collaboration? can you see my instagram profile at: xxxx 💋 💄 I’m waiting you.  Thank you, Mary

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