How to Get A Big Social Impact


In this episode, Angie explains her technique to get a huge impact on Social Media (specially on Instagram), and the good thing is that you can apply this technique even if you don’t have social channels or a website!

Some of the benefits of her strategy are: Word of mouth for your brand; spreading the presence of your brand, and your products; and increasing the experiences of your customers with your brand.

She will also give you some fantastic real life examples you can start using today!

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Hello and welcome to Episode 9 of Social Media Money Up.In this episode I will talk about how you can get a huge impact in social media even if you don’t have any digital presence. I will also give you some practical examples of my strategy that you can easily adapt to your business. In case we haven’t met before, my name is Angie Perez B, I’m a Social Media Marketing expert and you can find me on Twitter at @Angi9z and on Instagram at @AngiePerez.B. if you are new to this podcast, please consider subscribing. I record weekly podcast about the best techniques to grow your business or your blog and making money using social media and digital marketing.Today I want to show you a quick and easy way to get your brand out there in the social media field, and you won’t have to write a single caption or share a single image. We are going to do our examples with Instagram, since it is the most suitable platform for this kind of strategies, but you can adjust this to other social platforms (like Facebook or Twitter). We all know as brands, the reason why we want to be in social media is because we want to be found by potential customers, or to make our name well known by the public, or to show or products, and so on. We also know that one of the most efficient way of getting new customers is by word of mouth. People trust real experiences and how other people outside the brand or the business, describe why they like a product, how they use it, or how their experience with a certain brand has been. Also, real life situations are one of the best ways to show your products or services,. People tend to remember that situations and tend to like the products used there as well (it’s called creating the need of a product). Everything I have just described summarizes the power of the images, and story telling combined. In any case, today I am going to tell you how you can get all these things I have just described but the good thing is you don’t even need to post or publish anything, you won’t have to make any image or write a caption. You don’t even need to have social media channels or even  a website! To apply this, we are going to use the power of a techniques a have named: Call to action in an Offline environment. Yes the combination of call to action is greater than you could thing. When you encourage people to do something on your post, like for example, click like if you enjoy this, or tag someone that might be interested in reading this, likes and tags grows more compare to post without that call to action. So, we are going to implement this call to action technique but in an offline environment. To avoid confusions, I’m going to give some practical examples and then, you can adapt them to your own business: Example 1: You are a coffee shop: write on the door of the toilette, or in the sign or notice board where you have the wifi password for your customers, or somewhere in the counter, the following quote: Share your photo with the hashtags #radianstarcoffee. Tag us and follow us! And then add you instagram handle. Important notice for those of you that do not have social media channels:  As I said in the title of this episode, you don’t even need to have social channels or a website to implement this technique! You just want your brand and your products to go out there and that people talk about your brand!!! If you don’t have a social channel like instagram , for example, you can create your own hashtag with your brands name (so that people can use it with their photos), and also you don’t need to use the part where you use your handle name.Example 2: You have a shoe shop: write in your mirrors, in your receipts, etc something like this: Share a photo wearing your new shoes, with the hashtag #radianstarshoes, and follow us! Come back to get a 10% discount for your next purchase (for you or for a friend). Then, when the customer comes for their discount, they must show their posts and their receipt, you can add your stamp in the receipt to prove they already got the discount. Instead of a discount, you can give them a small present, or  a free drink, or something else that don’t cost a lot of money. Of course, this is optional, but it is a good way to say that to a customer that already bought something from you and also shared your product.  Example 3: Tattoo Parlour: make an amazing graffiti in the external wall your shop, that can be used as backdrop for people to take photos for their social channels. Don’t forget to include the name of your shop in a visible part of the graffiti!!! You can also use this same tactic if you are located in a very popular trendy area of the city and you are a trendy brand. Example 4: You have a huge following on your social media channel (instagram for example): Write this anywhere in your shop or business: Share your photo with the hashtag #radianstarcoffee. Tag us and follow us! @instahandlename to be featured on our stories!!!! And then you can pick the ones that you prefer and share them in your stories mentioning them so that they can get more followers! (people will love this). All these examples are call to actions in a offline environment to encourage your customers to share images of your products on their social channels. Some of the benefits of this technique are: Word of mouth for your brands Spreading the presence of your brand, and your products. And increasing the experiences of your customers with your brand. Now it’s your turn to start applying my technique! If you do so, let me know if it worked for you!  If you want to know more Instagram tips, don’t forget to download my free guide “Crushing Instagram” available on my website and In any case, I will live the direct link to the free guide on the show notes on my website at or Don’t forget to leave your comments in our Facebook group called Social Media Money Up Group, a place for collaborations, offering services, requesting help, sharing your projects, asking questions, inspiring and learning from one another!!! See you in the next episode of Social Media Money Up! 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