Instagram Success Formula

Instagram Success Formula Radianstar

The road to success on Instagram is possible, but you need to follow some guidelines that will make you a mega star of the Insta-world. Take a look at them!

Instagram Success Formula

Find Your Winning Combination Of Hashtag

There are countless possibilities of hashtags to use (you name it), but more often than not, choosing the right hashtag can be a major success.


The criteria for choosing a particular hashtag over another are that you are interested in being in that conversation, since a hashtag is a way to categorize or gather specific content under a label and many times that content is relevant to us; why? Because the audience is checking upon those hashtags searching for that specific content.


A hashtag has many uses such as creating conversations, events, campaigns, contests, can be a networking tool, and so on.


Create Your Own Hashtags

It is very important that you create and use your own hashtags. Your own hashtag will help you monitor your conversation, find relevant users, as well as allow users to find you, or even it can be a customer service channel for your brand (and all that for free!).


Here’s a rule of thumb for creating a good hashtag:


It must be SIMPLE, expressed on your audience’s LANGUAGE, it includes relevant KEYWORDS, the SHORTEST possible, easy to REMEMBER, witty and friendly.

Share, Like And Follow Similar Or Related Accounts

Explore your favourite hashtags to find like-minded people who post good pictures, and when you see one you like, leave a thoughtful comment, give a like, or even follow them. Often times, the other person will respond the gesture, or at least  they might take a look. If they like what they see, they can just keep coming back!


Use The Link In Your Bio

There is only one possibility to use links on Instagram, and that is the link in your bio.
Take advantage of it by placing the link to your page to generate traffic and conversions. Use it wisely, by adding the link to an specific page where you want to drive traffic to, like your opt-in form, your latest article, your shop, or YouTube video, etc. 

Post Original Content

While Instagram is a great tool for sharing your latest posts on the blog, it does not work this way for Twitter or Facebook. In other words, you should not get into a routine of just sharing your latest posts, as this policy does not give people any incentive to follow your Instagram account.

The best way would be to offer some details, teaching them a “making of” or “behind the scenes”, sharing moments of your day to day etc.

Your Own Aesthetic Identity

It is very important to have your own aesthetic identity or your own style in your images creating a cohesive feeling, that fits in with different subjects or themes; you can achieve this by using the same filters (one or two) for all your images. You can use filters built into Instagram, or you might just go with other filters you can find in thousands of filter apps until you find the one that fits you or your brand.


This way you will always have your images of different subjects but all of them with the same element of cohesion and own your style.


Put Your Email In Your Bio

Not everyone does it but it’s a great way to get in touch with you, or even if someones would like to offer you any collaboration.

Instagram Success Formula TW

I hope you put these strategies into practice and don’t forget to let me how they worked for you.


By the way, do you know any other strategy?



Angie xx

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