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How can Twitter be used to monitor industry trends? Why is this useful for businesses?

My personal trick to monitor any sort of trend on Twitter: I create lists of relevant people/accounts to the subject or topic I would like to monitor, and I pay attention to the content they generate to see what are the trends they are more interested in. 

How does Twitter give businesses a competitive advantage?

✅Twitter is the voice of Social Media! You can be on any conversation of your industry or you can start the conversation!
You can reach your industry leaders, and your target audience.
You can jump in conversations where your product is the solution for the problem! 

Instagram Tip 👉 Follow hashtags of your interest or niche-related to your business.

In the same way you follow people, do follow hashtags that matter to you or you are interested in.
Be active with the content of that hashtags when they appear on your newsfeed!

Facebook Groups are a great option to engage with your niche-related audience!

If you are looking for a group where you can share the stuff you want to promote, drive traffic to your blog, get engagement for your social media and learn the latest marketing tips, please feel free to join my Facebook Group: The Smart Social Income.

Have you ever used Facebook ads?
Most of us have done any promotion on Facebook, basically because Facebook is constantly asking us to promote our stuff (also on Instagram). Not to mention they have a “pay-to-play” policy since the last few months. 

But if I had to choose between a Facebook campaign and a Google Ads campaign, I would definitely pick Google! 

Why? Simply because of the audience of each platform:

Facebook (and Instagram) users are mostly browsing in the moment they see the campaign, while Google users are actively searching for that particular item or topic.

I rather take advantage the of the Google-user momentum!!

📺  IGTV is the new vertical video platform Instagram has just launched. 

Some people say it is going to compete with YouTube but I don’t think that is the case at all. Let’s just say that, even though both are about video, they are absolutely different platforms, and can’t be compared.

But in any case, IGTV has some possibilities for businesses. If you want to know how IGTV had can help you business or brand take I look at my last blog post on my blog at IGTV For Business.

Do you ever feature product Images from your customers? 

✅ User-generated content is like word of month promotion for your brand, and that is the best kind of referral for your brand.

You can encourage your customers to share their images on Instagram using your product, and of course you must re-share those images on your Instagram feed!

By the way, Instagram is rolling out the re-share option very soon!!!

Having a lot of followers on Social Media is great, but that is not the most important thing, even for building your authority.

The really important thing you need to focus on is building engagement. Having an engaged community that interacts with your content, is what will give you yield on your social presence.

Most of the social channels that have the live broadcast feature, notify users about someone on their network is broadcasting live. 

This is a great opportunity to make announcements, demos or explain something about your products or services.

Also you will have the golden opportunity to respond your audience’s questions!

Now Instagram can be your new storefront, open to hundreds of millions of people in the world!

Shopping on Instagram couldn’t be easier! So if you are selling anything you shouldn’t miss this Instagram new feature, in my opinion the most straight forward converting feature on Instagram (and maybe on any other social platform).

Check my blog post INSTAGRAM SHOPPING to find out how easily you can make your posts shoppable!! 

  • Create eye-catching vertical images (size 735×1102 pixels). 
  • Write compelling tittles and description with keywords (now you can add use hashtags).
  • Pin regularly, at the best times ( 2-4pm EST & 8-1am EST) and an average of 7 pins per day.
  • Add your location to your profile to boost local traffic.
  • Add your website by verifying your website.
  • Add the “Pin It” button to your browser.
  • Add the “Pin It” hover button to your blog or website.
  • Follow people in your industry

I hope this quick tips are helpful for those of you who don’t know how to use Pinterest, specially if you are a small business owner!

One of the top tips in any strategy to grow your community and your following, not only on Instagram, but in every social media platform, is interacting with the community. 

These interactions must be something authentic and not a mere act of just writing the first few words without any meaning that comes to your mind. 

As always in content creation, your interaction must be meaningful and it must give value to the audience. 

So the task for this week in order to create our own growing strategy is interaction, interaction, interaction.
For those of you that never interact, try this strategy for the next few days, and let me know if it works for you or not.

Mention your followers, your customers or any other users to spread your message, show appreciation and create engagement with your audience

Do you check your Social Media stats regularly? Or do you think that is not your thing?

If you are on social media to achieve anything (examples: getting more customers, build a targeted community, sell your stuff, promote your services, etc.), you definitely NEED to check your analytics.

Analytics will let you know:

  • how are your actions progressing
  • what’s working and what’s not
  • what kind of content works better
  • who, where, when, is your community
  • how your social media actions are contributing to your sales, page visits. etc.

Bottom line: your chances to reach your strategy goals will increase because you will be able to make better decisions for your future actions.

1. Outfit of the month

2. Friends, BAE or family together in a fun activivity

3. Favourite spring recipe.

4. Your spring clean.

5. Your workspace / home / garden / etc. with your favourite spring flowers

6. Nice spot you’ve been to this month

7. Something nice you bought these days.

Check out the Content-Hack File, and don’t run out of content ideas for your blog or your posts.

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Don’t have time to do your content calendar for the next month?  In the Content-Hack File you will find ideas that will help with the growth of your audience.

Here you have some ideas:

  • Comment on other blogs.
  • Replying to peoples questions on social channels.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Creating great content worth sharing.
  • Use catchy headlines that include your keyword.
  • Include your keywords in the first paragraph.
  • Add links to other pages of your blog or website.
  • Publish consistently.

Instagram stories have a life spam of 24 hours; you can give them second life and at the same time you can use them as a way to display your products or services, spread your messages, or show your brand.

  • Be very specific about your audience.
  • Spend time interacting with your current and potential audience.
  • Make your content relevant to your audience.
  • Define and focus on your Instagram goals and how to achieve them.
  • Create a content calendar to post consistently.
  • Define your ideal audience.
  • Follow people within your ideal audience.
  • Post relevant content to your audience.
  • Post regularly.
  • Be authentic.
  • Be Social.

Do you have a business? And do you have a blog for your business?
There are some powerful reason why your business needs a blog:
-Digital presence (specially important for local business)
-Connection to potential customers
-Provides SEO and traffic to your business
-Builds authority for your brand
And of course a lot of more benefits for your brand.

You can create your own blog easily, in just 5 minutes, without technical knowledge and absolutely free. Step-by-step guide on my blog post.

To get more exposure for your Instagram Stories:

– Geo-tag your story.
-Include a (relevant) hashtag.