Mobile Lightroom Preset DIAMONDS & PEARLS


This preset is for anyone who wants to make their Instagram feed looks exclusive and beautiful!



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This preset is designed specifically for bloggers, influencers, creative people or anybody else who wants to make their Instagram feed or blog look stunning.
You can use them with free mobile App (iOS or Android) and you don’t need to have Adobe Subscription.

  • Diamonds & Pearls Lightroom Mobile Preset adds a luxury touch adding a beautiful dark shade on your image.
  • Use it to give an exotic dark luxe to your images and create a supreme theme.


——— What’s Included ———-

Diamonds & Pearls Lightroom Mobile Preset. (DNG files).
Quick Instruction Guide.

Compatible with iPhone or Android device.


Due to the digital nature of the product, all digital download sales are final.

Unauthorized distribution of Radianstar presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

Instructions: Once purchased, you will receive an email that contains a download link. That link will expire in 1 month so make sure to download the preset pack within that time.

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