Quick Tips

How To Write Catchy Headlines

More often than not, we have great ideas and our content is wonderful, but unfortunately the headline of that piece of content is not catchy enough and doesn’t capture our readers’ attention.

In this video, you will discover 10 tips to create headlines that draw eyeballs and make people rush to your web or blog to read your content or open your email.

Change Facebook Profile Picture Without Notification

Secret trick to change your profile picture on Facebook, without notification to your contacts or friends. the best thing is it’s incredibly easy!!

Why you need a Content Calendar

When you decide that one of the core strategies for your blog is to planing ahead for your publications, you will gain a lot more of control over your work.

In this video, you will find out the reasons why you need to have a editorial calendar.

Instagram Success Formula

The road to success on Instagram is possible, but you need to follow some guidelines that will make you a mega star of the Insta-world. Take a look at them!

In this video, you will find out the most essential tips to build and grow your Instagram.

Ways To grow Your Business With Social Media

Having a social media presence on the correct channels, can give you a lot of possibilities of growth for your business, your brand or your blog.

In this video you will discover the main benefits of social media for your business.

Top 10 Skills Of The Community Manager

The Community Manager is often defined as the voice and  the ears of the company. They are responsible for spreading the message of the brand throughout the social networks; listen to customers and collect their opinions to analyse the data and provide feedback to the community in accordance to the goals of the company.

Duties & Tasks of the Community Manager

The community manager is also the moderator of the users, fans or customers and just because of this continuous contact with the community, they probably have the best knowledge about the consumers of the brand and their potential customers.

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